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A podcast about diversity and inclusion in Swiss leadership.

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Introductory episode 

The Why, the What and the How

Fish in the Boardroom is a bi-weekly podcast discussing Diversity in Swiss Leadership. In 20-30 Minute interviews with leaders throughout Switzerland discuss what can be done on an individual as well as on an organisational level to increase diversity in Leadership positions.

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Podcast episode #8

Summary Episode Season 1
What if you could be your own role model?

As this episode is the last of the first season, I decided to use the opportunity to not interview anyone, but rather reflect on where I started and what I have learned so far. So, this is a much more reflective and introspective episode, where I share my thoughts with you and summarize the various episodes so far.

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Podcast episode #7

Be the change you want to see in the world 
with Amjad Saleem

Amjad Saleem is the Inclusion, Protection and Engagement Manager at the IFRC, the International Federation of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent.

My conversation with Amjad revolves around leadership and integrity. Amjad’s background in peace building & conflict transformation give him an interesting perspective and humility on leadership and inclusion, which inspired me. I hope it will do the same with you. 

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Podcast episode #6

Promotion as the main issue 
with Alkistis Petropaki


The promotion of women in the workplace is currently the biggest issue for women’s careers according to Alkistis Petropaki, general manager of Advance.

Advance is a non-profit association of Swiss based companies, which wants to see the share of women in leading positions in Switzerland increase.

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Podcast episode #5

Recruiting inclusively is easy 
with Johanna Seeliger

Johanna Seeliger is the founder and CEO of Diversify, a company which works with start-up and established companies to make them more attractive to diverse talent.

Do you believe that recruiting inclusively is hard? Think again… Johanna claims it is much easier and less costly than one might think. Listen to this new episode where, she will explain to you how.

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Podcast episode #4

Everybody is a leader with regards to diversity
Atena Hensch

 Atena Hensch is a Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) expert at Hensch Consulting, specializing in assessments of organizations in terms of where they stand in their diversity and inclusion efforts, but also in understanding their development and educational needs to better practice inclusive leadership. In this episode, Atena speaks with me about inclusive leadership, what makes a good ally and concrete actions to break the chain of non-inclusion.

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Podcast episode #3

Investing in talent at mid-level management
Rodica Rosu Fridez

Rodica Rosu Fridez is the founder of InspirAction and the ambassador for The A Effect in Switzerland. What are women’s responsibilities and what are company’s responsibilities when it comes to engaging women to climb the corporate ladder? This is the discussion I have with Rodica. In this context, she also describes The A Effect (L’Effet A in French), the organization she brought to Switzerland to address the lack of experience-based training programs for mid-level leaders in Switzerland.

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Podcast episode #2

The courage to have the difficult conversations
Pirmin Meyer

Pirmin Meyer the co-founder of WE/MEN, a Swiss movement aiming at engaging men to become vocal about gender equality. In this episode, Pirmin talks openly about his experience, what the reactions were and how it impacts his life today. He also talks about WE/MEN, the movement he created as a reaction to what he observed.

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Podcast episode #1


The importance of training in addressing diversity with René Bujard

René is HR director at Galderma and is passionate about diversity. In this podcast episode I talk to him about what brought him to be engaged and about his experience as an HR leader driving change for more Diversity & Inclusion. Check-out the organization that René mentions in the podcast. Visions is a training and consulting organization in the US that is known for its change-oriented approach.

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