How to change company culture in 6 min 

with Matthias Mölleney

Reduced to a minimum, talking about Diversity and Inclusion means talking about company culture. But what can you do to create a company culture where trust is the basis of a good collaboration? How can you improve this culture when gaps are visible, and collaboration has become difficult?

In this episode, Matthias Mölleney presents to us Beyond Leadership, a proven method that will change the team dynamics in just 6 minutes by increasing trust.

Diversity means you have to be interested in the others. If you’re only interested in yourself and people who look similar, think similar, then diversity will not happen. Interest is the first step. Then you need to get to know them, really know them.

 What you will learn

    • How to build trust within an organization using the Beyond Leadership method
    • Why it is not enough to know the working identities of your colleagues
    • The importance of listening to identify real solutions to your team’s needs and be innovative


    • Start with asking yourself the question “Do I know the personal values of my employees and their motives” and answer the question very honestly.
    • For the courageous ones, do the beyond leadership exercise with your partner.
    • Listen and listen again to your team as things may change.

Matthias Mölleney

After 20 years at Lufthansa, the last 8 of them at the top management level, Matthias Mölleney moved to Switzerland in 1998. There he was a member of the Group Executive Board and Head of Human Resources of Swissair, Centerpulse, and Unaxis.

In 2005, he founded the consulting firm peopleXpert gmbh in Uster. He advises and accompanies companies and managers in change situations and in challenges of leadership and professional human resources management.

Since 2009, he is also head of the Center for Human Resources Management & Leadership at the HWZ University of Applied Sciences Zurich, and teaches at other national and international universities, and is the author of the books “Die Zukunft möglich machen” (Huber Verlag, Frauenfeld, 2003), “Transformational HRM” (SKV Verlag, 2018) and “Beyond Leadership” (SKV Verlag, 2019) as well as numerous publications in the field of leadership, people management, and change management.

Matthias Mölleney is a director at the international think tank “The Future Work Forum” and a member of various foundations and boards of directors.


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