#23 How do you start a DE&I initiative with no resources?

Aptar is a global leader in designing and manufacturing consumer dispensing and drug delivery solutions, with 13 000 employees in 20 countries. In 2021, only four years after the launch of their diversity, equity and inclusion initiative, Forbes named Aptar one of the top 10 female-friendly companies in the world.

#22 Are you still talking or are you networking already?

In today’s episode, Stef and Mary shed light on why we might find it hard to engage in networking, and how this relates to inequality in the workplace. The insights they provide help to understand the role of all-female networks in the career development of women, and how companies can proactively utilize them to support their employees. 

They also talk about how diverse professional relationships helped them in their own careers, and share practical and broadly applicable tools for strategic networking.

#21 Frau Sander, ist Diversität immer gut?

In today’s episode, I explore with Prof. Dr. Gudurn Sander – Director of the Competence Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI) – a part of the Research Center for International Management at the University of St. Gallen (FIM-HSG) – what „invisible exclusion“ is all about and how it can promote more inclusion, whether diversity is always equally good for any company or industry, and what questions managers should ask themselves to ensure that establishing a diverse culture in their company is successful.
Today I´m having a very passionate and incredibly inspiring talk with Lucy Antrobus, Entrepreneur, Speaker and „Confidence Catalyst“ as she titles herself.

#19 Find your voice! How to empower confidence with Lucy Antrobus

Integrating into a new country is not easy, especially as a young refugee who has had to leave family, friends and careers back in their home country. The level of unemployment among refugees in Switzerland remains around 80%. It is a true waste of talent!

Today I´m having a very passionate and incredibly inspiring talk with Lucy Antrobus, Entrepreneur, Speaker and „Confidence Catalyst“ as she titles herself.

#18 The impact of diversity and inclusion on successful sustainable leadership with Jürg Eggenberger

According to Harvard professor John P. Kotter, management stands for the perfect organization of processes, planning and controlling. Leadership, on the other hand, means inspiring and motivating employees with visions. Leadership thrives on creativity, innovation, meaningfulness and change.
Sustainable leadership takes this even one step further: it stands for living and working in a larger context and includes people and the planet in all decisions, in addition to profit.

#15 Giving Employees the Right to be Entrepreneurs with Christophe Barman

If culture is key when it comes to having more diversity, then companies following new leadership models, such as Holacracy, should be inherently having more diversity. But is this true? And what does it look like to have a company culture so strongly based on values and trust? A company where there are no hierarchies and spreading power amongst employees is truly lived?


Every third week a new podcast episode is released featuring Swiss leaders discussing what organizations and individuals can do to increase the number of people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives in leadership positions.

by Andrea Ullmann

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