#13 Reframing Diversity as an Opportunity

with Hajar EL Haddaoui

In 2020, the share of foreigners working in the service industry in Switzerland was 14.5%, that is 1 in 7 employees. In that sense, the Swiss workforce is already quite diverse, but how does Switzerland react to those foreign workers?

In this episode, Hajar EL Haddaoui talks not only about her challenges in entering the Swiss workforce but also about how she managed to empower women in her team to take on the leadership challenge triggering an improvement in her unit’s performance.

“I started in a way which is “I need to hire” without any clear vision about how I can empower women. And in the end, it wasn’t the big result. Afterward, I started really to make a Diversity & Inclusion strategy. […] And in 3 years we moved from 13% to 25% in my unit.

 What you will learn

    • Individual initiatives yield marginal results to your diversity metrics compared to the implementation of a comprehensive Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) strategy
    • What four areas of focus you can work on to create this strategy
    • How to create an environment to empower women within your organization
    • The importance of the leadership mindset for the success of an initiative shifting away from a “She’s a quota woman”-mindset to a “she brings value to the team”-mindset


    • Measure and compare the performance of your teams also based on their diversity
    • Sponsor women in your organization
    • Don’t only look at the added value for the business but catch -up with the human side as well

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Hajar EL Haddaoui

Hajar EL Haddaoui is passionate about communities working with leaders and developers to help them deliver business values through KM.

Vice president for Sales and Retails channels fur region West & Ticino, member of the Advisory Board of MOD-ELLE, Member of the assembly of delegates of Vaud chamber of commerce, Member of the Global Campaign board of Cherie Blair Foundation for Women for the scoping of our Africa chapter. Frequent public speaker and Finalist of the Women IT Awards 2020 in the category “Business Leader of the Year “The combination of Law Background and IT experience give her a unique ability to bridge the gap between practice and theory in digital transformation and leadership.


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