Find your voice! – How to empower confidence

With Lucy Antrobus

Fleeing your home country, leaving everything behind, family, friends, careers and posessions is a traumatic event. Add to that the integration into a new and foreign country, and one can only imagine the toll such events can have on a refugee’s self-confidence.

Today I´m having a very passionate and incredibly inspiring talk with Lucy Antrobus, Entrepreneur, Speaker and „Confidence Catalyst“ as she titles herself.

Lucy works with these refugees to help them find the confidence to better integrate into their new lives in Switzerland, learn the local language, make friends, find work, and become leaders in their community. To achieve this through her program „Refugee Voices“, Lucy believes that it´s essential to access your own resources and uses methods of storytelling to unleash participant’s potential.

And what migrants have to face to the extreme, we can also apply to broader stretches of the population, whenever it comes to daring greatly. As such what migrants teach us about courage, can also be applied to business and Lucy’s methods are one option to reach that.

In this episode Lucy shares insides into her exciting work, and how her own award-winning methodology helps catalyze diversity and inclusion.


“[…] there´s a beautiful quote which says: „the only limitless potential in the world is human potential!“
I belief that people have the inherit tools and a well pool of creativity when you put diverse, eclectic, different minds together.
So I see my role very much as catalyzing the first part of this to happen.[…]”

 What you will learn

    • The importance of regaining a connection to your powerful self to leverage your creativity, resilience and sustainable success

    • How storytelling can be an effective tool to overcome a difficult personal story and unfold an empowering effect on one´s professional life (and even on society at large)

    • The concept of “risk-vulnerability-scaling” and how it can trigger growth mindset


    • Use the pull factor: Within a diverse environment let people come to their own conclusion about its power rather than shove it down in the organization’s throat.

    • Leverage the contagion one courageous person has on the rest of a team. You don´t need everybody in a team to be ready at the start. You just need one person to dare to open up first. The rest of the group will follow.

    • Roleplay can reduce the stress for a diverse (and shy) person to raise his/her voice as it trains the “muscles of expression”.

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Lucy Antrobus is a confidence catalyst, inclusion warrior, and entrepreneur. She is the Founder of Refugee Voices, an NGO that rebuilds confidence in marginalized communities, and co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of Aequaland, building an educational metaverse that uses games to educate kids on sustainable development and 21st century skills. She is a global citizen and is based between London and Lausanne, having led strategy deployment and community empowerment programs across Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas.

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